Inspiring Coffee Table Books

· And Where To Find Them In Vienna ·

inspiring coffee table books

I love looking at inspiring coffee table books. They’re just a wonderful way to unwind and find visual stimulation offline after a long day of staring at screens. Coffee table books make an amazing gift, I personally love adding a small handwritten note or message! They are almost perfect for anyone as there are so…

Free Printable Art – Greek Pottery

Inspired by the House and Garden series “Things To Put In Frames”, I’ve curated some gorgeous free printable art depicting greek pottery that you can download and print at home! I just love these old archaeological lithographies of greek red figure pottery. So classic and timeless! If you, like me, have at least one vintage…

Die beste vegane Osterpinze

· The Best Vegan Osterpinze ·

beste vegane osterpinze

Eigentlich hatte ich einen komplett anderen Blogpost für diese Woche geplant aber ich hab’ unverhofft die beste vegane Osterpinze erschaffen und kann euch das Rezept nicht vorenthalten! Bisher habe ich noch kein anderes Rezept gefunden, das so einfach ist, mit so simplen Zutaten auskommt und trotzdem so lecker wird! Und vor allem: Ich hab DEN…

Vegan Deviled Eggs

Vegan Deviled Eggs

Whether you are plant-based or maybe just allergic to eggs, these Vegan Deviled Eggs are perfect to curb your craving.There are many vegan egg substitutes out there with scrambled tofu probably being the most popular one. But sometimes you just crave the nostalgic texture of a hardboiled egg, you know? Maybe you’re vegetarian and are…

Cruelty-Free Alternatives to Popular The Ordinary Products

cruelty-free alternatives ordinary

It’s time to start looking for cruelty-free alternatives to The Ordinary. You might be thinking: “Why? They are openly cruelty-free and vegan already!” Well, this Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 word came out that cosmetic overlord Estée Lauder would be acquiring Deciem, the parent company behind popular skincare brand The Ordinary.Estée Lauder has been holding shares…

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